Friday, 4 March 2016

Organise and Sequence a Narrative Introduction

WALT: Organise and Sequence a Narrative Introduction

1)Once upon a time, there was a wicked old witch who lived on top of a icy mountain. The witch’s name was Harriet LongNose.
2)She had long black hair and green eyes. She had a large pointy nose with an even bigger wart at the end of it. Her fingers were thin and dry, with fingernails that were always painted purple and were so long they curled a bit at the ends.
3)Harriet LongNose lived on top of a tall, cold Mountain. The Mountain was so tall that it was always cold at the top and hardly anyone climbed it. At the top of the mountain, there was a tiny cave where Harriet lived. She had a cauldron to boil her food and a cauldron to create spells. She had a small black cat named Prince Fluffy-Tail who would sit beside the cauldron to stay warm during the cold days and nights.
4)The witch loved being by herself, she would open her front door and scream to the wind “I’M THE SCARIEST WITCH OF THEM ALL”. She loved that all the local villagers were too scared to climb the mountain. They were all afraid of heights and catching a cold, but most of all they were afraid of the wicked witch.
5)One day, Harriet Longnose was scratching her long nose with her long nails when she heard a rumble from below. She ran out of her house just in time to see an Avalanche forming on the hill behind her house! She screeched a wild scream and began running down the hill to escape the deadly avalanche…. Harriet long nose was rushing down the mountain she was scared until she new it from a few miles away from her house she had a secret door that under the ground and when she took 3 more steps and she found then she opened it and lived there for ever and when it stopped she still never wanted to go out.

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