Thursday, 30 March 2017

Chapter six RECYCLED

This my learning I have done we have been reading this book called recycled and my teacher Miss Morrison have gave us some questions look down and you will see my work hope you like it please comment.

  1. What was the man from the greenpeace called?
His name was Peter peat.
  2.What do you think the ¨developed¨ world is?
It means like the whole world.
  3.“Look at your average easter egg,
how much of it is packaging and how much is chocolate?”
¨Those eggs you get on easter,By the time you have unwrapped it,it will be hardly worth the trouble¨
- thinking about this quote (page 39)
how much rubbish does your family create at Easter?
I think about like how much 5 average people waste on  easter day.
How could you make less rubbish?
Well I could buy stuff that doesn't have anything to put in the rubbish or I could buy less stuff.
4.How do you think Colin’s mum is going to feel when she see’s what Colin has thrown away?
She will probably be mad at him cause he might have thrown away too much stuff or else she might be happy because might be trying to help the environment.

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  1. yes Stephen you have proved that you can do that and you've got a lot of detail in it you have work so hard to do that and hope you can do more but i really like your work Stepheny