Friday, 10 November 2017

The power of Marshmallow/Stomach ace tower

Today we were reflecting on what we did yesterday. Yesterday Room 8 had a competition/Challenge, the challenge was that you have to try and make the biggest structure using Marshmallows and tooth picks.

On Thursday the 9th of November, room 8 did a challenge.The first thing we did was got into a group of three and then went together with another group.In my group I had Taonga and Hope.T and in the other group with us was Alyssa,Hope.L and Arizona.We did this because it was a art surprise. We had Miss Jade in our class because Miss had to do some testing. We had to try and build a tower using marshmallow and tooth picks. The point of this challenge is that you have to try and make the biggest tower under 20 minutes and you have to let it stand by it’s self and see if it’s good enough.Our one did not stand as well as we thought but at least we tried.

I really enjoyed doing this.I felt like we had just made the biggest mess out of all of them.We made our by making the base and then splitted the marshmallows and built it individually and we would stack all of our all together,our structure looked pretty funny because how we sliced the marshmallows into tiny pieces..I saw others towers looking stable and good.Then when we finished we got to eat it and it made me sick to my stomach and after just eating five I felt full but I also had the feeling that I wanted more so I just kept eating.When we went to the bathroom I felt like trowing up because the marshmallows really hit hard in my stomach.I also felt like I swallowed some tooth picks because I felt something pointy go into my stomach.

In the end wen we finished I felt really crazy and hypo and felt like I jump off the park and I could run around the field everywhere and then I felt like going to sleep which felt funny. The funny part was when we were going home in the car I kept on laughing and then went to sleep which kind of made me feel crazy and funny.You should only have one marshmallow a week. I really enjoyed making the marshmallow tower and I do not want to do it again before I eat it again and get a sore stomach again.For anyone I like to advise you t not as much marshmallows as we did.

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  1. WOW Stephney! What an amazing recount! You have added really powerful words to add extra detail for your readers. I like how you also explained how you made the towers step by step. No wonder you were laughing in the car and then fell asleep - that is a sugar high! Sounds like a great lesson and thanks for the advice not to eat as many marshmallows!