Friday, 2 February 2018

School Values My Goals

Today we were learning about our goals and how can we show it in relatedted of our school values.I enjoyed doing this task today because I realized what I should work on now.



  1. Malo e lelei Stephney,

    You have set some smart goals for yourself! I can tell you know what you can improve on and that you have given it a lot of thought. Keep up the good work and stick to your goals. You are going to have a great year. Malo 'aupito

  2. Greetings there Stephney,

    You have did a great job on writing down you school values goal but next time maybe you should not but capitals in all your words and also put down some more information about your school value goals.Maybe next time you could also put down some images to make it more creative so it would want to make you readers want to read more but great job with what you have.