Saturday, 10 March 2018

Improving my blog

Image result for blogToday I have been blogging to improve my skills in blogging. In my last blog I was blogging about saying thankyou to my sister Aletheia because she was also helping me improve my blogging skills. I have been trying to follow the blog checklist to make sure that my blogs are up to standard and I also have been checking up how much blog post I have each week to see how much I have improved on in each week with my blog skills.
I enjoyed with blogging was talking about what things I did about what i enjoyed and what was challenging.
What I find chanllenging in blogging was remembering each and every idea that pops into my head, I thought that was challenging because I don't seem to find ideas easily in my brain but I sometimes do get help from my Sister Aletheia,friends and teachers.
Image result for blogEnjoy Reading!
Write down about me improving in my blog.

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