Monday, 26 March 2018

Kiwisports and P.E lessons

Today the kia manawanui syndicate went to our kiwi sports and P.E lessons and we were learning different ways to hit the ball in volley and in kiwi sports we had lots of challenges and just on on won with another person.

IALT: Reflect on sports that I have been doing today.

Here are some photos to go with my blog.
Image result for volleyball pngImage result for volleyball png

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  1. Malo Lelei stephney! I really like the way how you kept you reflection nice and simple. You have answered the questions in full sentences which is really good. What I think that you need to work on is to re-read your work before you publish it because I could see some words are repeated and your I's are lower cases when it is opposed to be capital letters. And maybe you could add more pictures to it so it can stand out.

    Besides that steph you really did a great job finishing of this fantastic work!
    Nice job!