Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Reflection on Talent show

On the 5th of April we had our very own kia manawanui talent show to fundraise for our camp that we are having next term in term 2. There were many beautiful performances that everyone in kia manawanui syndicate did. The talents that I did was performing group performances and I performed in 3 performances and the performances I was in was my hula group, and then the hula girls performed our very own band that we did together and the last one I was in was the school band which I thought was great. I think the talent show was great and I think we didn't really get up to our fundraising goal and the goal of how much we needed was $2,700, but if we didn't I still thought that the talent show was great.

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  1. Kia ora Stephney,
    It is your best friend Edith, I love how you are expressing about how you felt about the talent show. Although next time I feel that you could re-read your sentences and make sure you have punctuation in the right place, overall good work!

    Kind Regards,