Wednesday, 20 June 2018


Image result for MatarikiThis week we are going to be focusing on Matariki. For Matariki we each get a different task to do in groups and we must find a way to make a project to show our learning on Matariki. The only thing is that we can not use google drawing, google docs and google presentation. We can not use those because the teacher have found out that the student are using those type of learning tools to do there learning mostly instead of using like calender paper screencastify and etc. For my group we are thinking of making a video. In our video we must include facts about our topic on Matariki, For Matariki we are doing the stars of Matariki, Which includes finding out what there called, what are the stories behind Matariki and other question. Hopefully that when we finish the movie I will get a chance to show it on my blog.

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