Friday, 17 June 2016


Matariki is to celebrate the seven stars. Do you know that matariki means tiny eyes and mataariki means eyes of god. I like to celebrate Matariki because it means that I am respecting another culture.Matariki is about the seven stars that appeared just before dawn on june.

All about me

Hi my name is Stephney and I like to eat strawberries,chocolate,bananas and I like ice creams I have 3 sister and 3 brothers plus me 4 sisters. I really like to play tag and rugby I like it when I come to school because I am always starting a new day and I like it when I see my teacher everyday because she is the best teacher I could ever have.

My class

My class is very cool with the girls and the boys altogether it all amazing it just makes friendship it is cool to have friends like my class I have fun doing stuff with my class and I have fun coming into to my class I really think that the kids in room 8 we have fun and we have joy in our class rooms we don't like means because we respect the school values the school values are Tukumarie,Ako,Manaakitanga,Rangimarie and Whanaungatanga.
If you have look down bottom you will see most of my class mates.

Brian Falkner

Hi my name is stephney and on the 15th of june 2016 we got to meet the famous Brian Falkner it was exciting because got some tips on how to be an author I can not stop thinking of that day because that day was the day I meet my first author we got to ask him questions at the end I was so overjoyed because we had lots of fun we played games we learned about the story line that they use to write there stories I bet that was the best thing that happened to me but also the best thing that happened to me is having miss Morrison as my teacher.
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Hi on wednesday we did music with Mr caleb it was fun because we learned beats on the bins and we learned how to do hand drumming if you look on the bottom you will see a little video of what we were doing in music.

As you watch you can see me in the second row.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Friday, 3 June 2016

Samoan Language

Hi me and my class had to make this presentation about samoan me and my class had to translate some words into samoa if you want to see my presentation then you can learn some samoan word. Please leave a comment after you are done looking at my presentation Thank you.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Character Description Template

Hi me and my class were making a description on stella saxby and her awful aunty alberta I choose one and that was stella saxby I had real fun doing this hope you like it. THANK YOU

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Measurement Treasure Hunt

We were learning about Measurement we had to do this presentation and fill it out this presentation it has everything we measured please look down to see my presentation and please leave a comment after you are done reading my blog post.

Here is some of my crafts classes bath bombs and when you look at the photos you can see there making bath bombs 


My bath Boom

Hi here is me in crafts class we had to do bath bombs for people to buy on the market day in term 3 we already done the market day last year so I think we are going to do it this year look at the bottom and see my bath bomb I made and what it looks like before it was in the packet.