Monday, 28 August 2017

The wicked apple key

This is my story I have created about a apple key that cursed sarah jane but she makes the curse go away I hope you like it.

There was a apple key that would make any apple delicious by touching an apple with the key.
On Friday on a wet summer day there was a girl called Sarah Jane,she had black hair with orange freckles on her little face, and she lived in a little cottage house.She found a little apple key just behind her little cottage.She was as little as a mouse.She was only 5 years old.

Then when she picked it up something good happened to her she felt like something magical happened to her.Then she felt like grabbing an apple to eat and when she ate the apple it tasted delicious.The apple tasted like an angel that fell from heaven.Then she showed her mother but the mother tasted nothing good, she just tasted old rotten fruit.

Then Sarah Jane went into the wood to look for more apples.She was amazed by how much apples she found,she found 3 trees of apples just waiting for her to grab them.But then something happened when she touched them they caught on fire then she screamed “OH NO what have I done” She was so scared that she couldn't move.Then she ran all the way back home for water.Then she came and the fire was out and the apples were not on fire.She was so surprised that she screamed “what is going on,can someone please tell me whats going on” then when she remembered that “this would have never happened if she didn't touch that stupid apple key” She was so mad. She went to go dig the key but the key was nowhere to be found.

Then she found it on top of an apple then she quickly grabbed it and destroyed it and she heard a whisper in the air that said “You are a smart girl and you are now cursed free” then that is when she realized that she was cursed.She didn't like the mysterious person because she felt like the curse was because of her.

Then she went to sleep wondering what adventure will happen tomorrow.Then she lived a heavenly life with her mother by her side. Peace out.The end!!!

Friday, 25 August 2017

FLip session

On Monday and thursday we had sessions with tim and sash about saving money.I have learnt that if you have any broken property you can have car house and content insurance that can give you money so that you can fix your broken stuff or you can buy a new one and that if you save money you can buy lots of stuff and still have some savings left over.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

The ski trip

IALT: use my comprehension skills to answer questions about a text. 

Down bottom is a slide I have created about the text my group has been reading we have been reading the text The ski trip and here in this google slid is some questions that I have answered about the text.I hope you like it and please comment and please give me feedback.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Living on a shoestring

We have been reading a book called living on a shoestring and the phrase living on a shoe string means when you have less money and you have to save money and also when you buy cheaper things like if something was on special you would buy it if you were living on a shoe string because it means that things have lower prices and are cheaper.

Thursday, 10 August 2017


This is a poem that has language features.My group has been learning about language features that we can find in articles and sentences.The language features we have been learning about is personification and alliteration.Down bottom you can read the poem and the questions I have filled in and there are some examples of what are some language features so that you understand.

Monday, 7 August 2017


Today room 8 was separated into different class rooms and today I am splitted into room 7 and we are learning about limericks. For my blog I am going to blog 3 limericks that I hope you like.

A)I lots of hen toys but ben took ten

A)I got all the toys from ken

B)Then fin took my  toy and put it into the bin

B)Then I told them that said never though good things into the bin

A)So I was so sad,so fin gave me back my toys back all ten of the hens

A)I said hey cat
A)where is my bat
B)That was the name of a boy
B)He had lots of joy
A)He felt fat but got ran over and ended up splat

A)When I walk I am so angry.
A)That I feel so hungry
B)So I wave to everyone
B)Then say hey anyone
A)Can I have some food please just understand me.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Auckland's sky tower turns 20 years old

On the 3rd of August the sky tower just turned 20 years old.The sky tower was built on 1997 in Auckland.Today people are celebrating the day the sky tower was built and did you know that there has been 15 million people that have been in the sky tower ever since it was built.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017


In writing we have been learning about poems. Today the 2th of august we have been making limerick poems and if you read down bottom you can read my limerick rhymes.

A)At the tea party I was invited.
A)I was so happy and delighted.
B)I saw a little boy.
B)His name was roy.
A)He seemed so delighted.

A)There was a person named roy.
A)Roy was a boy.
B)He wears a nappy.
B)He acts so chappy.
A)He also has a toy named troy.

A)When I walk and smile.
AI)I feel like I have cool style.
B)But when I am happy.
B)I feel like a baby a wearing nappy.
A)I also have a friend that is in files and his name is mile.