Friday, 6 July 2018

Last Technology

Yesterday was the last day of technology for term 2. For the last technology we had some people stay at school and finish of some work for ako evening (Lucky I wasn't one of them). WHen we got to Tamaki college I got off and told myself to do as much work as I can, I did so much that the students that were finishing before me was actually going to be finishing after me, so I'm proud of myself. The next Technology session will be happening in 3 weeks so the week after the first week of school.

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Reflection- Visual Arts 😁

Today we have been reflecting on our visual arts project and what we think of our visual arts project. The thing I enjoyed about my visual arts project is that the picture and symbols that I have chosen relates to me and the inquiry topic that we have been learning about. 

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Here is my presentation slide, On my presentation slide  I have my reflection on what I have done on my visual arts project:

Last day of school

Today is the last day of school and for the last day we are just finishing up on work that we have not completed throughout this term.

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We are also blogging about the fantastic ako evening that we had. I had a fantastic time in this term and I hope others had a great time as well. The thing I enjoyed about this term is having a great time with my friends at camp and also getting to know the new students in our class. The thing I disliked is that this is my best friends last day at school because she's going to be moving to flat bush and I won't get to see her anymore and also she is really angry because her new school uniform for her new school will have skirts and me and her are not skirt type of girls.

Ako evening

Yesterday Thursday 5th of july the Tamaki primary school had our Ako evening day. AKo evening happens every term on the 2nd last day of school and that's when we have a day to show our parents what we have been learning about through the year. For the AKo evening we showed our parents what we have been doing for science,inquiry,Matariki and visual art also some students showed there parents there reflection on camp and some photos that we put on the wall for our reflections.
The thing I enjoyed was showing my mum my work that I have done on Matariki. The thing I didn't like was when my brother came and lots of girls in my class wanted to hold him and kensington.

Friday, 22 June 2018

Space rockets

Yesterday we have been finishing our work on Earth and beyond. The topic my group (Aumau and Aletheia) did was Space rockets, For space rockets we have came up with amazing questions and I think the people in my group have some nice and detailed answers. Here is our presentation:

The thing I enjoyed in this was participating and contributing in my group and the thing I think I could improve on is looking over my work just in case there is a mistake and also making sure I have full detail in my work.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Blog commenting

Today I have chosen to blog comment on other students blogs to give them feedback and feedforward on what they should do the next time that they blog. Today I have blog commented on Arizona's blog. The blog that I have commented on was her Tai chi reflection that she did today, I really liked how she told the stories about what our teacher Mr Gordien told us at Tai chi. Here is my                      Comment that I have commented on her blog.                                              

Solar system

For inquiry we have been working on Gravity. Gravity is one of the things that we use to live. If we didn't have gravity, then everything would be everywhere. Gravity is used as a gravitational pull to keep us down like if you tried to jumped away from Earth you would just come right back. If you were to stand anywhere in the world and throw a ball, the ball would just come right back to Earth. Did you know that there are 2 things that Gravity is made out of and that is Mass and Weight, Weight is just to how much you weigh like if you weighed 64 kg's on Earth like my friend then on Jupiter she would weigh more heavy she would weigh 166.4 kgs and that's because how much mass is there and it happens on the other planets to so if she weighed herself on every planet then she would weight different amounts because of the masses on each planets which are all different. Did you know that because Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system, if everyone weighed themselves they would probably be a lot more heavy from how much they weighed them selves on Earth.