Thursday, 6 April 2017

Duffy assembly(Role model)

Hi guys this is my blog post about our duffy assemebly.It was great and amazing we had lots of fun it was cool because our duffy guest were opera singers. I hope you like it.THANKS. 

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

News articles:Typhoid disease

This is work about a disease that is going through NZ and is now in Auckland and has already affected 11 people and one person has been caused to die from the typhoid disease.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Comic stripes

This is my blog post about comic stripes hope you like it please comment.

Chapter six RECYCLED

This my learning I have done we have been reading this book called recycled and my teacher Miss Morrison have gave us some questions look down and you will see my work hope you like it please comment.

  1. What was the man from the greenpeace called?
His name was Peter peat.
  2.What do you think the ¨developed¨ world is?
It means like the whole world.
  3.“Look at your average easter egg,
how much of it is packaging and how much is chocolate?”
¨Those eggs you get on easter,By the time you have unwrapped it,it will be hardly worth the trouble¨
- thinking about this quote (page 39)
how much rubbish does your family create at Easter?
I think about like how much 5 average people waste on  easter day.
How could you make less rubbish?
Well I could buy stuff that doesn't have anything to put in the rubbish or I could buy less stuff.
4.How do you think Colin’s mum is going to feel when she see’s what Colin has thrown away?
She will probably be mad at him cause he might have thrown away too much stuff or else she might be happy because might be trying to help the environment.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017


WALT:use screencastify. Also recording the tab were on, I hope you like my video I have made it will show you what to do on our site in room 8 hope you like it.PLEASE COMMENT.


Tuesday, 28 March 2017

German Lessons

Today Miss Morrison's uncle came to room 8 and taught us how to speak in German I was really excited and I got to introduce myself to my friends in German and it was cool. Here is a DLO that I have made about our German lesson hope you like it please comment.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Character discription

This is my character description I hope you like it.

Character Description Original

What story is the character from?
Who is the author of that story?
What is your character’s name?
Are they a main part in the story?
Are they good or bad?
What does the character look like?
Use 5 words to describe the character’s personality:
2.David williams
3.Joe spud and Mr spud
5.They are good                                                                                                                
6.Joe has orange hair and Mr spud has brown hair and they live in a huge house and joe has more that one room there british and I think joe has green eyes and Mr spud has blue or black hair.

What is your character’s favourite quote?
All you can do in this life is follow your dreams or your just wasting time.By david williams

If you could ask your character one question, what would it be?
I would ask him if he can give me some tips of acting because I want to be an actor in the future and other things.

Give your character a new name
I would change my characters names into Holly bean and Mrs bean because of course I want to change them into girls.

Summarise the characters part in the story…
She would be a girl that was on the streets with her mother and then the mother finds a thousand dollars and buys a house and then one day she remembered that she was holding her daughter and then she got the thousand dollar note so then she kept doing that and got rich and she always knew that her daughter was special.