Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Coca cola

Where was coca cola made?

Jacobs pharmacy in Atlanta, Georgia, on 8 may 1886.The inventor of coca cola was John pemberton.John was born on the 8 July 1831 and died on 16 august 1888. He was also know as for going to university in Georgia.

What does coca cola contain?
It contains Secret syrup and water. Did you know that 86% of coca cola is water, So that means we waste money on buying a drink that has mostly water, when there is water in our kitchen.

How is coca cola made?

1.The rinse and clean the bottles.
2.They prepare the bottles to go into the filling room.
3.What ever drink they are doing they prepare.
4.The drink bottles get filled with the soda.
5.They put a short of sticky glue on the label to stick and apply the labels on the drinks.
6.Then they travel around the world and get sold to many different people.

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