Monday, 11 June 2018

Camp reflection

Today the kia manawanui syndicate were finishing of our activities that were in our camp booklets. The activity I choose to finish was task 3 and for task three we had to use the letters in the alphabet to come up with some vocabulary to describe camp.

One of the letters I found hard to look for vocabulary in was X,Y and Z, I found those hard because there were no words that popped into my mind to describe camp with those letter. The letter that had the most words in it and I think were the easiest was R, the words for the letter R was Respect,Responsibility and Reliable. The reason why I choose those words was because.

Respect- Being respectful to others

Responsibility- Taking full responsibility in your actions.

Reliable- Be Reliable to everyone around you

Here are some photos from camp and what we did:

Here is another photo but showing the words of my work:

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  1. Hi Stephney,
    I love your work and your photos you put up on your blog from Camp Raglan. Keep up the amazing work! :)