Monday, 23 July 2018

My First Blog Reflection For Term 3 2018

In the holiday me and my family went out shopping. Going shopping was fun because all the nice clothes look nice but I only brought a pair of shoes because I hate to go here and there and trying to keep up where ever my family is going. We also went to the dunkirk park which was really fun and I hope to go another time. The dunkirk park has a gone different from the last time I saw it. The last time I saw the dunkirk park it had 2 baby swings and 2 swing for older kids and it also had some slides and a monkey bar but now the dunkirk park has 5 swings, 2 for babies,2 for older kids and a bigger swing that could hold 5 people (I think). 

The thing I'm looking forward for Term 3 2018 is going to the museum and having boxing for kiwi sports. I am looking forward to these activities is because first of all I have ever been to a museum and I wonder if there is actually a statue in a museum made out of an extinct dinosaur bones and secondly I have done boxing before and I am excited to see what this boxing teacher is going to teach us today, The reason why I'm excited is because I only had one teaching in my life who has ever taught me boxing and that is my dad, My is probably one of the most powerfullest man I've ever meet and also my dad says I have a powerful punch as well.

The thing I am wanting to improve on this term is showing more whanaungatanga and building more relationships with others in the classroom. I want to build more relationships with others in the classroom because I think that making stronger relationships with my fellow class mates is good because most of the time I argue with them for no reason and I think that building positive relationships will help stop us from arguing (It's mostly with the boys).

The thing I enjoyed was about the holidays is being able to have father and daughter bonding time because sometimes me and my dad would sneak outside by ourselves and go for drive and sometimes go to my uncle's house and sometimes will just go outside to the garage and do punches on the boxing bag my dad has in the garage.        

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The thing I found challenging is missing my friends and trying to see  what there up to but it was hard because I didn't have my netbook and when I saw my friends today they said that they sent a mail to my sister because my sister has her netbook and my sister mew she didn't tell.

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