Thursday, 26 July 2018

WALT: Play Games to be able to connect with our Maths

Image result for numberToday we have been doing Maths. For Maths we have been looking for activities to do that will help us on our Maths since some of us still need some improvements in our Maths. For my Maths activity I was in a group with Grace,Hevani,Lydia and Edith the game we played was helping us in our decimals. To play the game we will each have a card and the person who will start would be anyone and that was Edith and what she would do is say like "I have 14" and then she would say "Who has  1.4+1.4" and then the person who has the answer would reply it was really cool and think it really helped me in my decimals.

The thing I found challenging was when I tried to answer without any help, but then the girls in my group would just shout out the answer. The thing I enjoyed most is doing Maths because I think Maths is really enjoyable.

Here are some question for you all:

Do you enjoy Maths?


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